Aero *

The best Fastand fastening system

Aero *, easy, fast, resistant and 100% guaranteed

Aero * is an invention developed in Fastand. We have passed the hooks in Velcro, in a soft magnet and in a Neodymium magnet. From today, thanks to Aero, the attachment of the shockproof panel ( Fastflex * ) is much easier and longer lasting.

No surprise in using a Fastand product equipped with this innovative quick coupling system. In most cases it is not applied on wooden or plastic support but directly on aluminum, this increases its durability and aesthetic finish.

The thickness of the material is very thin, a few microns, so as not to make thickness and create problems related to the size and abundance of the panels

Aero * is also used in special aerospace technicians for its effective and impressive hold if we think of sustained loads of 20 kg per square cm.

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As in the example photo, the coupling system is never unique but always multi-point, in this way we allow the greatest guarantee of attack in all situations.

The development of this way of designing the coupling systems has allowed us a great flexibility of designs with always excellent results for any product. The multi-point coupling also has the characteristic of eliminating the imbalances of non-linear floors and therefore guaranteeing a perfect result on each floor.

The desk in the picture (model Podium ) like all the other products that adopt the Aero * solution, they can be repositioned, because once they are set up, they are a single piece (Monobloc). Monoblock, because I move and reposition them inside the stand without pieces coming off, magnets do not hold, easily and safely.

Aero * is only found in Fastand projects