The elegant portable display case that can do everything


Spectacular design with total visibility

The Hidra light showcase is a portable container counter.

This represents an absolute novelty among the portable stands in the suitcase.

The luminous display case has a quick assembly aluminum body with pre-assembled pressure couplings.

Thanks to the internal LED light shelf, an excellent quality level is obtained for a refined and design display. Lockable doors with magnet locking and plexiglass door to access the exhibition area.

The elegant design is also underlined by the lightness of the feet which give the display case a light, clean but at the same time clean and decisive design.

 luminous display case

Quick fixing with flat boss

Setting up the display case is very easy and intuitive.

The pre-assembled structures are quick to connect thanks to pressure couplings produced entirely in our laboratories.

The refined and clean finish gives the display case a robust, solid design.

Led lighted plex support surface

The internal shelf of the support surface is backlit with Led and complete with electrical system and plug for connection to electric current. The display is very captivating, highlighting the products on display. with elegance and refinement.

anta apribile della teca

Elegant and useful details during the event

Plexiglass case compartment accessible via door with pre-mounted hinges, to be able to close the display in complete safety.

Doors that are easy to close and pre-assembled to the structure allow excellent access to the large internal support shelf.

Inside the showcase, the warehouse space is in fact very large and well accessible, resulting on many occasions a valid alternative to the warehouses.

Why choose the Hidra display case?

  • 4 mm plexiglass with shiny laser-made threads
  • Olapal plexiglass shelf for backlighting
  • Led kit for shelf support lighting
  • Top entirely in plexiglass
  • Aluminum structure
  • Pvc coating with personalized print from your file
  • Quick fixings with satin finish in aluminum
  • Visible aluminum feet, elegant and refined
  • Case closure with plexiglass door
  • Compartment closure with magnet doors
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes

Shockproof rigid case, for perfect protection

The Fastand transport case is compact and resistant.

It measures only 118x10x56 cm. Equipped with handle and clamp closures, it is elegant but above all indispensable to protect Hidra during frequent transport.

Made of 3.5 mm PVC, it is still light to allow manual movement.


Recommended retail price € 670-

Suitcase and personalized graphic print included in the price.