The fair desk marks a new milestone

portable trade show counter

Impressive presence at the fair in maximum style

The Maximus fair counter is imposing, LED backlit, customizable with graphics. It is prestigious and in pure Italian style.

If your goal is to create an important stand, with a unique design and style, the maximus fair counter is ideal for you.

Portable and easy to assemble, thanks to the carrying case.

The counter marks a new milestone in portable exhibition stands, it aims to be used in superior quality stands with stylistic qualities and maximum finishes.

 particular portable counter
fair finishing counter

Prestigious and harmonious lines

Glossy finishes of high stylistic value

All the good reasons why choose Maximus

  • Top in painted metal
  • Solid aluminum structure
  • Glossy finish in all components
  • Interchangeable opal plexiglass front
  • Standard cable gland
  • Very large internal shelf
  • Shelf with double opening door
  • Integrated LED for backlighting
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes
 bright led fair desk

Turn on your brand with the Maximus portable solution

The trade fair counter is bright, in fact it is equipped with a front plexiglass panel with opal finish and customizable with logo, and backlit with a 25W Led lamp. In other words, the LED makes the difference, as can be seen from the images below and as always increases the value perceived by the customer during a trade fair event.

 bright led fair desk
 led fair desk

Always with you, in its ultra-compact hard case

Transport it by car, by train, even by plane.

It is ultra compact and very resistant. This is a key feature of this model, which unlike others (Nuvola for example) has been designed to have this very space-saving case.

The carrying case is equipped with side button closures, frontal clamps and a comfortable handle.

 bright reception desk

Recommended retail price € 760-

Suitcase and personalized graphic print included in the price

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