The portable reception counter made of the same material that dreams are made of

Reception promoter portable nuvola

Born to be curved, don’t try to straighten it

The Nuvola portable reception promoter boasts a large, well-equipped work surface (with drawer and cable outlet), a large internal shelf and the revolutionary Fastflex, shockproof and non-deformable coating system from 5 mm.

This portable reception desk is light but at the same time resistant, easy to assemble and transported in a suitcase.

The soft and elegant design of the reception desk combines with exhibition stands of all shapes as well as important events, meetings and conferences. In other words you can really count on the solidity of this product and its great versatility.

removable drawer of the portable reception promoter nuvola

Standard removable drawer on the reception counter

The Nuvola promoter comes standard with a convenient removable drawer, pre-assembled to the structure. We thought that during your fairs there is a need for a space for business cards, pens and other small objects that are easily lost.

Standard cable gland, operator side

Enough with cables in bulk on the Top floor of your fair desk. From today with the practical nozzle you can organize all the power supplies you need (mobile phone charger, portable PC etc), eliminating the exposed cables and leaving the worktop always free.

Nuvola is perfect for your fair stand.

  • Top in painted metal
  • Internal shelf
  • Large 120 cm work surface
  • Modular aluminum structure
  • Shockproof and hyper-resistant Fastflex * coating
  • Fastflex * fixing system with Aero * structure
  • Interchangeable PVC graphics
  • Pull-out drawer
  • Cable gland
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly in minutes
portable  reception promoter Nuvola rear view

A suitcase to hold all the components of the Nuvola portable reception desk.

Thanks to its carrying case, you can always carry the Nuvola desk with you. The suitcase measures 118x56x10 cm, is equipped with a handle and clamp closures. Inside, everything is organized and arranged so as not to suffer damage during transport.

Put all the components in the suitcase as per the drawing and you can use this desk many times.

hard bag for transport
 reception counter design

Fastflex*, l’originale materiale antiurto made in Fastand

Il centro ricerca e sviluppo Fastand ha ideato un nuovo materiale esclusivo che unisce flessibilità e rigidità; ne deriva un’elevata capacità di carico verticale.

Con Fastflex* é possibile realizzare forme morbide, curve perfette completamente personalizzabili con la propria grafica.

Antiurto, idrofugo,ignifugo è la rivoluzione nel settore degli stand portatili.

Scopri Fastflex

Recommended retail price € 384-

Suitcase and personalized graphic print included in the price. Accessories excluded.

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Raised revolving shelf

 portable reception desk nuvolasignboard

Detail of the tubular for crowner sign

 portable nuvola reception desk with graphic sign

Cloud Desk with crowner sign

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