The easiest way to have a straight panel

support panel base

The perfect meeting between technique and substance

The panel holder base is resistant and easily transportable thanks to its ultra-compact suitcase. The “Mito” panel holder has been designed to support large panels and can be easily re-used with new graphics.

Ideal for panels from 10 to 20 mm of any size and type.

Suitable for panels up to 300 cm high

Suitable for panels up to 300 cm high

Recommended material for the panel: 20 m sandwich, light and composite. Suitable for stores, small stands, as a signage totem, but also as a template holder for an event.

 template for holes on panel
 white support panel base

Template for making attachment holes, included in each package

7 ° inclination for perfect panel linearity

Total modularity with the Mito system

Great for the universal modular hook, Mito can be easily used for the modular composition of continuous walls.

Mito is the best example of when simplicity of use meets design.

murs d'images portables

Set up all the Mito panels, they are self-supporting and light to handle

Arrange them in graphic order and place them side by side, bringing them one by one

Once the panels are approached, you can lock them with the upper joint and accessorise them with spotlights

Easily align, clip and illuminate your panels, anywhere

Why choose the Mito panel holder?

  • Steel structure
  • Painting of powder components
  • Maximum product stability
  • Attachable thicknesses from 5 to 20 mm
  • Easy panel exchange
  • Orientability of the panels in a simple and intuitive way
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes

Always carry the Mito door-panel bases with you

mur d'image portable

All the options of the panel door base

Configurations available

Recommended retail price € 60-

Suitcase and metal base, excluding printed panel