New range of portable stands in Fastand’s suitcase

Fastand accessori stand fiera

The quality of the portable stands of Fastand is a continuous project study, careful to make the details winning elements of a unique production philosophy in the world. Details, design, quality and style: all must be integrated and mixed to obtain a great product (which has the main purpose of entering a suitcase).

Portable stands: we have been following an integrated production process on multiple platforms for some time, because we believe that each department must be specialized and must grow in different terms and sizes, using a know-how that has developed over several decades and has very specific historical roots.

The starting point of portable stands is the idea and portability; alongside this quality has been a must for us at Fastand that we carry out every day with great determination and professionalism

High quality of all details in portable stands, made in Italy

 quality in the details of the portable stands

Fastand’s range of portable stands has been recently updated and revisited, adding design elements and shapes in step with the times, always with constant attention to the weight of the elements, compactness for easy transport and quality in the choice of materials for a greater durability.

High quality of all the details

 quality in the details of the portable stands

As shown in the pictures, the attention to detail can also be seen in the packaging of all our portable stands. In fact, all the stands are equipped with a rigid plastic case, assembly scheme, scheme for correctly returning the product to the suitcase and a technical certificate of correct use at the fair.

Portable desks, walls and backdrops, brochure holders, technical features and lectern, TV and tablet stands, modular boxes, reception desks, platforms, walls, portable stands, modular and portable furniture for stands; all always PORTABLE, MODULAR AND IN THE SUITCASE