The roll-up that believes itself to be an exhibition wall

roller blind wall

Spectacular design in Total look

Born from a requirement of our customers, the Velo150 roll-up roller shutter combines the practicality of a Fastand roll-up with the dimensions of a graphic backdrop.

The aesthetic line with a very modern shape is the design container of all the patented technology for our standard roll-up: therefore spring and brake system.

Available in 2 colors, black and white, it marks an important milestone that combines practicality and utility.

Easy both in the opening and in the closing phase with the forced accompaniment system by the user, to better protect all the technical components hidden in the metal body.

Roll-up Velo120, con fijación superior

Fijación superior a presión

Roll-up Velo120, con botón de seguridad

Boton de seguridad para la fijación de la tela

Roll-up Velo120, con tela PVC

Sistema de protección de la  tela gráfica del muelle

Roll-up Velo120, con perno para fijación

Perno para la fijacón en metal

Tubo modular en aluminio con tirante interno

Why choose the Velo150 roll-up wall roll-up

  • Shell with innovative design
  • Patented and rechargeable roller shutter system
  • Hydraulic brake system: brake system of the fabric during loading
  • Easily accessible and protective rod compartment
  • Safety rod-cloth buttons
  • Can be easily changed
  • Perfect graphic tensioning
  • monocoque without feet
  • Upper push rod ends
  • Sheet assembly with rod without clamp (therefore without folds)
  • Metal rod fixing pin
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes
 roller shutter wall

Shockproof rigid case, for perfect protection

Large printable area for your communication

Even if big, set up your stand on the fly!

 roller shutter wall

Recommended retail price € 240-

Suitcase and personalized graphic print included in the price.

faretto per roll-up

Led spotlight, with adjustable arm and fixing system

 plexiglass pocket for roll-up

A4 brochure holder in transparent plexiglass

A5 brochure holder pocket in transparent plexiglass

A6 leaflet pocket in transparent plexiglass

mensola inclinabile per roll-up

Angled as a shelf for brochures

mensola plexiglass per roll-up

Linear as a shelf support

Swivel plexiglass shelf

Thanks to the rotating pins, we can adjust the position of the plexiglass shelf, creating a shelf for products, or a full-width catalog holder. Practical and beautiful, it is made of transparent material to be less impactful on the printed communication of the roll-up.

Complete your Velo150 with an original accessory

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