The desk portable in the suitcase for fairs and events that does not fear challenges

desk portable podium

The desk portable ready for anything: practically indestructible

the desk portable Podium has the best weight-footprint-volume ratio in the professional laptop desk category; practically, even though it is part of the large portable desks for exhibition stands and events, it is contained in a small suitcase, giving total practicality even during transport.

This portable desk is appreciated for its soft design, without edges, which can be combined in all stands and events.

It consists of an aluminum core, supported by a Fastflex panel which increases its resistance and capacity, top in polished white painted metal, spacious internal shelf.

Easy to assemble and transport, ideal for quality events and fair stands.

 desk portable finish podium
desk portable podium

Details with an Italian flavor

Finishes of high stylistic value

All the good reasons why to choose Podium

  • Top in painted metal
  • Solid aluminum structure
  • Fastflex shockproof coating
  • Interchangeable graphic sheet
  • Graphic tensioning in velcro, for a perfect result
  • Standard cable gland
  • Pull-out drawer
  • Very large internal shelf
  • Space for operator insertion
  • Quick fixings with satin finish in aluminum
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes
 retro desk portable view
 removable drawer

Cable outlet

Removable sliding drawer

 reception counter design

Fastflex*, l’originale materiale antiurto made in Fastand

Il centro ricerca e sviluppo Fastand ha ideato un nuovo materiale esclusivo che unisce flessibilità e rigidità; ne deriva un’elevata capacità di carico verticale.

Con Fastflex* é possibile realizzare forme morbide, curve perfette completamente personalizzabili con la propria grafica.

Antiurto, idrofugo,ignifugo è la rivoluzione nel settore degli stand portatili.

Scopri Fastflex

Always with you, in its ultra-compact hard case

Transport by car, by train, even by plane, as always thanks to the practical rigid Fastand suitcase.

It is ultra compact and very resistant, because this is a fundamental characteristic of this model, which unlike others (Nuvola for example) has been designed to have this very space-saving case.

The carrying case is equipped with side button closures, front clamps and a comfortable handle. The shoulder strap is available on request.

Recommended retail price € 330-

Suitcase and personalized graphic print included in the price, accessories excluded

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