I’m not afraid of challenges, I’m ready for all battles

counters exhibiton reception

I am indestructible and ready for anything

The Spartacus counters exhibiton reception is designed to last over time and have no rivals.

Quick assembly and maximum stability are its strengths and it does not hide a deliberately clean and massive design.

Made of 10 mm thick Fastflex, it is completed with a high resistance powder coated metal shelf. The support surface is equipped with two grooves that allow the insertion of the plexiglass-anticovid panel.

All portable in a suitcase.

 rapid counters exhibiton reception

Quick interlocking fixing

With a small gesture, the Spartacus counters exhibiton reception is assembled. By combining the top with the base panel, a resistant and versatile countertop is obtained: excellent for all occasions. Perfect finishes and visual simplicity.

High strength simplicity

The simplicity of assembly and the clean lines make this counters exhibiton reception a cutting-edge and innovative product. A new project born from the Covid experience in Fastand.

Why choose the Spartacus counters exhibiton reception ?

  • Very fast to assemble
  • Super resistant
  • Top in painted metal
  • Plexiglass bulkhead with Covid protection
  • Fully interlocking assembly
  • It supports up to 50 kg of weight
  • Very light to carry
  • Ultra-compact transport case
  • Set up without tools, keys and screws

Fastflex*, l’originale materiale antiurto made in Fastand

mostrador lígero, material en fastflex

Il centro ricerca e sviluppo Fastand ha ideato un nuovo materiale esclusivo che unisce flessibilità e rigidità; ne deriva un’elevata capacità di carico verticale.

Con Fastflex* é possibile realizzare forme morbide, curve perfette completamente personalizzabili con la propria grafica.

Antiurto, idrofugo,ignifugo è la rivoluzione nel settore degli stand portatili.

Scopri tutte le caratteristiche di Fastflex*
counters exhibition reception drawing

The Spartacus counters exhibiton reception is suitable, thanks to the materials used, also for outdoor promotions and events. It does not fear humidity, water or sun. In fact, it is used in promotional events in the most disparate locations, from the beach to the mountain, on any pavement. Available both with and without plexiglass protective panel.

Recommended retail price € 145-

Covid suitcase and protective panel, included in the price. Also available without Covid plexiglass protection for € 85.

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