The bag holder display

bag holder display

Match and choose your color, don’t leave anything to chance

The display stand for bags, Regale model was born from the Fastand experience to give customers the opportunity to organize bags and bags for catalogs in the fairground.

Thanks to this shopper holder it will be easy to orderly organize your business bags or shoppers creating a greater impact during a fair on the user.

Standard available in 8 colors and finishes, made of modular aluminum easily transported in a suitcase. Bag and bag holder, it is equipped with a large and capacious arm to hold a large number of bags and complete with a stop to lock bags that would otherwise slip.

The available design and colors will give your environment order and organization and nothing is left to chance, thanks to the colorful details that make the difference.

Why choose Regale?

  • easy to combine color + bags
  • Olapal plexiglass shelf for backlighting
  • Aluminum structure
  • Base in painted steel
  • Colored in 8 finishes
  • Arm easy to set up
  • Ability to add arms
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes

For all types of bags and pouches

Bases and end in 8 finishes available

Add arms to the bag holder display for greater capacity

bag holder display
bag holder display
bag holder display

Recommended retail price € 115-

Suitcase included in the price.

Accessory for Regale bag holder: A4 size catalog holder that can be attached directly to the stand by means of a screw. The bag holder becomes not only a valid support but also a communicative and design element.

Choose color and accessory to have a product tailored for you.