Portable poster holder totem, created to satisfy your desire to communicate

poster frame

Fantastic and harmonious design

The Vittoria poster holder totem is made noble by its shapes, to support your communication with elegant, premium-style style.

Practicality at maximum range for easy poster change, to be placed on 2 sides of the totem.

The soft shapes of this poster holder make it an important milestone for Fastand production, a new beginning in the production of portable stands. In fact, a new concept, which coupled with the Maximus portable desk will mark an ambitious new milestone, made of innovative materials and breathtaking finishes.

 poster frame base
 poste frame finish

Finishes for a unique and impactful style

Made in Italy design and production

Why choose the Vittoria poster holder?

  • Aluminum structure with silver finish
  • Modular structure in height for easy portability
  • Solid and robust base
  • Interchangeable 50×70 poster
  • Double-sided communication
  • Metal finish painted in Total White color
  • Transparent and glossy plexiglass to protect the poster
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes
poster frame vittoria FASTAND

Communicate, transport, set up easily

Always with you in a comfortable rigid suitcase.

Quick double-sided poster change

 quick change double-sided poster

Measurements and dimensions of the display

 quick change double-sided poster

Recommended retail price € 440-

Suitcase included in the price.