The elegant roll-up reliable display with Italian design, in stainless steel.

roll-up reliable Inox

Different by choice, sanitized by ambition

The retractable stainless steel display was created for environments where sanitization is essential: pharmacies, butchers, supermarkets, medical and dental environments; practically in all those environments where cleaning and sanitizing is important and mandatory.

It is therefore essential to have graphic supports and displays that are completely aseptic and easily sanitized.

We have completely changed the construction rules, creating a cutting-edge roll-up product both from the point of view of design and technology. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, in fact, there is a very high technical level inside the roll up body. Patented spring and new concept braking system make the product perfect and elegant.

Eternal because in stainless steel

roll-up reliable Inox

The pluses of Velo Inox

  • Shell with an innovative and futuristic design and completely in stainless steel
  • Finishes of the highest stylistic level
  • Patented fabric brake system
  • Patented spring system
  • 3-piece modular rod
  • Pre-assembled elasticised rod
  • Absence of support feet
  • Upper sheet assembly with non-clip fixed rod
  • Cloth interchangeable by anyone
  • Pvc coating with personalized print from your file
  • Innovative rod transport system in the underbody
  • Innovative final stands in pressure-fixed rubber
  • Transport case
  • Tool-free setup
  • Quick assembly of a few minutes
 roll-up display

From the Fastand style center, a new roll-up display


Pure technique and practicality

Modern shell with a unique design

Innovative and unique technology in the Display sector

Patented roller system

Our pre-loaded spring roller system is the only one that is totally safe during the work phase. In fact, it can be downloaded and reloaded manually by anyone, totally safely. The roller system has also been designed to be very aggressive in the rolling phase, which allows easier extraction of the printed fabric.

Brake system fluidodinamico

Thanks to our fluid-dynamic braking system there are three fundamental advantages: protection of the spring during the work phase (since the sheet must be accompanied), protection of the graphics (if in fact unhooks, the sheet locks avoiding rewinding) and perfect tensioning of the printed graphics.

Always standard on our roll-ups

Roll-up Velo120, con fijación superior

Fijación superior a presión

Roll-up Velo120, con botón de seguridad

Boton de seguridad para la fijación de la tela

Roll-up Velo120, con tela PVC

Sistema de protección de la  tela gráfica del muelle

Roll-up Velo120, con perno para fijación

Perno para la fijacón en metal

Tubo modular en aluminio con tirante interno

Recommended retail price € 160-

Suitcase and personalized graphic print included in the price.

Complete your Inox Veil with an original accessory

Led spotlight, with adjustable arm and fixing system


A4 brochure holder in transparent plexiglass

A5 brochure holder pocket in transparent plexiglass

A6 leaflet pocket in transparent plexiglass

Angled as a shelf for brochures


Linear as a shelf support

Swivel plexiglass shelf

Thanks to the rotating pins, we can adjust the position of the plexiglass shelf, creating a shelf for products, or a full-width catalog holder. Practical and beautiful, it is made of transparent material to be less impactful on the printed communication of the roll-up.