Modular structures with Quadra Kube system

Fair stand for automotive material display

Modular and modular stand created by Intav Rome for annual fairs in France, Italy and Germany.

The structure is characterized by empty and full spaces that interchange in order to have spaces with graphics and communication and spaces with product display. The modularity of the stand is a very important factor to have the maximum display possibilities.

Made in Munich, Germany

Futurist design stand

We wanted to create a modular stand with a strong visual impact, with great attention to all details to underline the care and quality of the products on display. The space is small in size but having played with different heights and perpendicular volumes, it gives the impression of being a much larger structure. In fact, the eye cannot focus on a specific point but is in continuous movement. This kind of set-up could only be carried out with the Kube square series thickness modules.

Made in Frankfurt, Italy

Monobloc wall with display niches

The modular structure of the backdrop is made with 100×100 and 50×50 panels so as to create a slight visual movement of the same. The volume served to hide the warehouses and offices of the exhibition stand and to highlight some types of products emphasized in the thick niches also complete with punctual LED lighting.

Made in Milan, Italy

The cube structure as a communicative element

We wanted to create a particular stand project: the challenge was to have a backdrop that did not conflict with the technical and professional words of the products on display. For this reason, the idea was to create a modular and naked modular structure, with a double coating: on the printed anti-crease canvas bottom and on the printed panel front set up with the Quadra Kube system.

The result is a clearly visible and technical skeleton structure in aluminum, self-supporting and closed only in some parts

Made in Verona, Italy

Display structure with Quadra Kube system

The structure in this gallery is backlit and also used for product display. Construction and cladding modules of the 50×50 cm modular structure in aluminum and plexiglass.

Made in Munich, Germany

Modular structure with lighting portal

A very particular and technical project was the one created for Nissan at the fair. The need was to create the least invasive portals possible and not with the “American” system that would allow us to perceive technicality and novelty. The result is an imposing aerial structure but at the same time light and delicate.

Made in Bologna, Italy

Modular and modular stand

Classic stand construction with Quadra Kube system. Covering in 100×100 panels in 10 mm molded sandwich, easy to manage and set up in the various trade fairs in the sector.

Made in Paris, France

Exhibition stand with plexiglas coating for backlighting

A structure and many coatings, based on the fair and therefore on the product to be exhibited. As you can see from the images of the stand, both the colors and graphics of the cladding as well as the occupied dimensions change. The heights are 400 cm, and the walls provide lighting and an electrical system to give even more impetus to the entire exhibition stand.

Made in Hamburg, Germany

Portable kit for traveling presentations

Traveling mini kit to make short presentations, open houses, meetings and congress sponsorship. Modular and modular 50×50 cm, 45 cm thick. all paneled, except for some parts for the creation of display niches. The kit consists of a 300x250H back wall and a 150x100H desk with an internal plexiglass niche for displaying the products of the production line. The desk in the lower part serves as a warehouse and brochure storage on an internal shelf.

The kit was supplied in a Fastand hard case.

Made in Bologna, Italy

Modular structure for Cosmoprof

Medium size for Organic Care which offers beauty products with high added value. Stand height from 400 cm, junction between the curvilinear walls in Fastback produced by Fastand. A soft and containing space, where to store wooden displays and personalized furnishings for the brand in question.

Made in Bologna, Italy

Hera Energia in shopping centers

Spaces of various sizes and variable open sides. Always with double coating both front and back. There was the need to have a strong and resistant internal structure over time and with the possibility of being covered with panels on all sides. The modular structure Qaudra Kube is in fact very ductile and easy to set up, also suitable in environments with a large influx of people such as stations or shopping centers.

Made in Naples, Italy

Exhibition stand structure

Easily assembled for the creation of medium-large exhibition stands. Thanks to the assembly of panels, in this case of 100×100 cm various types of stands can be created, in an easy and practical way. In this gallery also the furnishings such as lighting fixtures, desks and totem towers are Fastand production elements. We also remind you that we have the possibility of creating modular and modular structures also made to measure with ad hoc materials and shapes.

Made in Bologna, Italy

Shop structures with display bags

Also in the stores this solution is perfectly suited to be used and outlines an aspect of elegant and technical design.

We designed and set up a structure that divided the shop into 2 parts and created an exhibition of cubes of bags. In each space, in fact, a bag is displayed, in an orderly and elegant way.

In a second moment there is always the possibility of dividing, detaching, remodeling the structure with ease and speed; in fact, thanks to the pressure joints, it can be done without tools but only with the hands.

Made in Milan, Italy

Traveling moon landing exhibition 1969

How could a traveling exhibition be realized if not with a Quadra Kube system? The spaces to be set up change from time to time, the communication remains the same but maybe it must be reduced due to a small location, or I do not always find similar spaces, even if I have to keep the same educational path every time. Thanks to our modular structure it is possible to easily create and design any kind of traveling exhibition.

Made in Lecce and Rome, Italy

Traveling fair structure

Small corner stand for demonstrations produced in Belgium. The stand is designed to be easily set up and positioned in small locations not always fair, but also for conferences and hotels. The basic equipment is the display niche, the thick structure, the niche for the products, a desk. A great step forward compared to competitors who simply set up a desk.

Made in Brussels, Belgium

Trade fair structure for the steel sector

Empty and full, for a medium-sized stand with a strong visual impact. We designed the stand starting from the square module, with an aluminum finish. The result is a fresh and young, colorful and very bright visual space.

Made in Brescia, Italy

modular structure for trade fair

Structure completely covered in plexiglass with a glossy finish, in which the bright horizontal cut stands out to create an elegant display niche; in which the customer’s new collections were presented. The glossy effect of the panels creates a mirror and a very captivating play of light that deliberately stands out in a fair environment like that of this product sector

Made in Frankfurt, Italy

Traveling kit

Wall kit and itinerant desk. Easy to assemble and compose. We needed an information point not fixed but itinerant, to be placed in shopping centers, galleries, squares, small events. All the kit is supplied in rigid fastand suitcases that are comfortable to transport and handle.

Made in Venice, Italy