Every environment wants a Morfeus

Shops and shop windows, showrooms, exhibitions, offices, warehouses and laboratories, homes.

Perfect as a back graphic showcase or as a darkening element when setting up a shop, perfect as a backdrop in showrooms or as a graphic panel and background for photographs, perfect for listing the technical characteristics of a product while creating a background on which to visually define it . And what about as a colored or graphic light shade on windows in offices, homes and workshops? (it is an excellent light manager when and where you need to control it effectively)

Offices and workspaces

Offices and workspaces become dynamic

Choose morfeus for your work environment. A retractable roller shutter solution from Fastand is practical and safe. Here’s why.

  • Create unique and colorful environments, environments that communicate your business and invite users to feel better in this place.
  • Open and close with a simple click, adapting spaces according to use and the staff who work there from time to time
  • Screen windows, choosing the degree of light intensity to work best on a computer.
  • Divide the desks to create floor barriers that are dangerous and poorly sanitized.
  • Color neutral walls
  • Use the roller shutter for projections

Companies and laboratories

Versatile laboratories and warehouses in the modulation of space

Here’s why.

  • Hide areas of the lab that you don’t want to show
  • Communicate products and regulations to visitors
  • Close spaces for non-professionals
  • Creating graphic and communicative backdrops
  • Block out windows from sunlight
  • Divide display counters with vertical barriers

Bars, restaurants and meeting spaces

Dynamic spaces without supports on the ground

Here’s why.

  • Divide the space according to circumstances
  • separating users quickly and easily
  • Shielding windows from light
  • Divide tables with transparent materials
  • Create user entry and exit passages
  • Create anticovid shields for operators

Shops, exhibitions, showrooms and fairs

It will never be the same again

Choose morfeus for your work environment. A retractable roller shutter solution from Fastand is practical and safe. Here’s why.

  • Create graphic backdrops to communicate your product or business
  • Subdivide rooms
  • Creating screens to help manage the flow of people
  • Vertical panels for exhibitions and shows
  • Roll-up screen for video projection

Common areas, hotels, museums and waiting rooms

Decoration and subdivision go hand in hand

Here’s why.

  • Shielding windows from light
  • Furniture screens to create play areas
  • Vertical sliding walls to divide rooms

Home and domestic environments

A room will never be the same again, up and down with Morfeus

Here’s why.

  • Divide open space in a versatile and practical way
  • Coloring walls
  • Screen large windows
  • Decorating walls without painting
  • Easily remodel environments
  • Create backdrops for video calls