Realization photographs: Omni fair stand

White cloth trade fair stand for conferences

Ideal for congresses, meetings and conferences

Fair stand in sequence created for small fairs and conferences. Usually this kind of events or fairs are held inside hotels. The structure is in aluminum and the base in steel.

The customer has built stands in sequence, also of different sizes according to customer needs. It is set up many times during the fair season, and managed directly by the organizing body.

Made in Stresa, Italy

Traveling box for car races built as a stand

Autodrome system, how to cover a temporary space of this type in a simple and elegant way?

Easy with an Omni system

Made in Milan, Italy

Traveling fair stand

Stand built on two open sides, with a constructive step of 100 cm and 150 cm to have a greater possibility of exploiting the modules that make up the fair stand.

Made in Bologna, Italy

The stand as a sales tool in the showroom

Traveling stand show-room to be set up and dismantled in combinations with special promotions and discounts reserved for store customers. The stand in fact contains the products on promotion in furniture stores.

Made in Moscow, Russia

In-store lighting suspension system

Even in shops, spaces can be designed and set up as if they were real temporary stands. This way of displaying is very fresh and gives liveliness even to the exhibited product.

Made in Vienna, Austria

Traveling stand for fairs and conferences

Portable exhibition stand for CEMBRE.

The goal was to group all the production of the group listed on the Milan stock exchange during events of different orientation on the Italian market. We have equipped the stand with a large showcase and some graphic panels with double-sided printing. The size of the stands vary from 4×4 to 5×4.

Made in Turin, Italy

Outdoor outdoor stand at the genoa boat show

Stand for the Primatist brand, in this case used to divide the space at the fair, which being large in size and exposed to the wind, married well with the Omni system

Made in Genoa, Italy

Trade fair stand with fabric cover

Sports fair in a mobile tent, this is how the Omni stand module fits well, giving color and liveliness in the exhibition of the fair space.

Made in Milan, Italy

Fair stand for the medical sector

Trade fair stand clean and essential to cover walls of trade fair spaces in a simple and intuitive way. The interior furnishings are also made by Fastand to be in line with the design of the entire set-up

Made in Bologna, Italy

Itinerant stand for square and shopping center garages

System created for Sky Italia, with regard to the participation of local events, with the aim of creating contacts with the user and also direct contracts.

The kit consisting of various elements is stowed in rigid suitcases to increase its durability, considering that this kit stand is set up and dismantled also several times a day.

Made, Italy

Turin Book Fair

Classic stand for book exhibition during national events. The display tables are also made with a printed banner cloth covering like the back wall in order to obtain the same colors and finishes in all its parts.

Made in Turin, Italy

Exhibition stand for gym equipment

Classic, modular and modular Omni system with a 200 cm front subtraction step to create 200×600 and 400×400 trade fairs with two open sides.

Made in Zurich, Switzerland

Traveling fair structure for Unipol insurance

Modular Omni stand 100 cm in front, the top of modularity. With this type of system, the customer can autonomously and easily manage all the small exhibition spaces from 300×200 to 400×400 and 600×300.

Made in Venice, Italy

Train carriages set up

Train preparation, inside the carriages, preparation of visual routes of the Swiss territory;

made for Switzerland Tourism on the occasion of the traveling Tour in the major Italian stations to promote tourism in the neighboring country of Switzerland.

Made in Milan, Italy