Modular and modular Omni series stand

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The easiest way to make a stand.

Do you want an easy and intuitive exhibition stand? Choose the Omni solution.

Designed and completely built in Italy, it has been perfected and engineered over the years, improving both the aesthetic and functional aspects. It is in fact thanks to its ease of use and constructive immediacy that this system is highly appreciated by companies that want a practical and quick tool for participation in trade fair events.

Consisting of floor lamp and modules beam it is modular and modular both vertically and horizontally.

This stand model is interesting if the space to be set up is small because it occupies only 5 cm in depth, or when I have to create the stand perhaps large in a short time.

Simplicity becomes soft and essential design

Fastand accessori stand fiera

Sober and essential design, non-invasive and minimal. Base painted white and tubular vertical view in anodized aluminum finish. The design does not become a bulky visual element but leaves the graphic communication wide-ranging and maximum visibility. The creativity of graphic communication is essential for the success of the stand that we at Fastand define Total-Look.

Ideal for all product types and for all sectors in which communication is important and the number of events is frequent.

The best of modularity and modularity, in a suitcase.


By combining Floor lamps and Beams you can create different types of constructive steps, easily and really intuitively.

with front 100: H 200 cm, H 250 cm, H 300 cm

with front 150: H 200 cm, H 250 cm, H 300 cm

with front 200: H 200 cm, H 250 cm, H 300 cm

with front 300: H 200 cm, H 250 cm, H 300 cm

The Step is the sequence of construction of the stand and it is important to choose the right one because it is always tied to the transport and packaging of the individual elements. If I want to transport the stand by car, better use small elements, vice versa if the transport is designed for vans. The construction steps can also be used in sequence with different beam widths, for example you can build a 400 cm stand wall in different ways: using 4 modules of 100 cm, using 2 modules of 200 cm or using 1 module of 100 and 1 module of 300 cm

For the correct choice of the construction step, we recommend consulting a Fastand expert or viewing the page dedicated to the photo gallery.


Easy to assemble and essential: quick screwing of the tubular modules of the pedestal, insertion with an Allen key (key supplied) on a painted steel base for maximum stability, and upper coupling of the Quick-setting beam module. Screw-on finishing cap.

Estimated time of a few minutes per module and very low wear of the elements, make the Omni stand system a reliable companion for all the fairs in which you participate.

Ideal for all non-expert users because it is easy to install and very intuitive. The assembly diagrams as shown in the figure are present in all transport packages.

The floor lamp measures a maximum height of 300 cm, modular from 100 cm and 50 cm: it is possible to create stands of varying and different heights: 200 cm, 250 cm and 300 cm. The pedestal is equipped with a base with variable holes that allow different uses, both in the stand head, both in the central and corner position.

The beams are of different sizes: 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm and 300 cm supplied in a practical kit in a suitcase; all equipped with a quick fabric tensioning joint which allows a perfect stylistic result in all the different heights.

Always with you, in your events

Fastand accessori stand fiera

Each item is in the suitcase.

All system modules are in kits and are stowed in a special rigid suitcase.

Floor lamp kit: 2 pcs in a 100x6x53 cm suitcase

100 cm beam kit: 3 pcs in a 100x6x53 cm suitcase

150 cm beam kit: 2 pcs in a 100x6x53 cm suitcase

200 cm beam kit: 2 pcs in a 100x6x53 cm suitcase

300 cm beam kit: 1 pc in a 100x6x53 cm suitcase

The suitcase allows a perfect movement of the kits, a perfect maintenance of the pieces against scratches and breakages and maximum protection during transport.

By combining the individual kits together, you can easily think and build all the types of stands you want.

Organize and make the most of your exhibition space

Fastand accessori stand fiera

Let’s start from the stand plan.

As shown in the figure, different types of stands can be created using standard modules of the OMNI system.

As shown in the figure, the stand can adopt different plants always using the same modules, to offer maximum modularity in all types of different exhibition spaces.

In the examples of stands shown, we have represented 200 cm Step modules in front of 6 Pcs, such as to develop 12 linear meters, which adapt to the different trade fair needs, both in terms of Mq and in terms of open spaces from time to time adopted. Thanks to the Omni system, I could therefore participate without any problems in all the exhibitions scheduled, with a considerable saving of time and energy.

Adjustable to give the shape you prefer

Orient the stand and move.

You can decide to make your stand even curved into segments, to give a more attractive shape, to create hidden spaces such as closet or warehouse.

Fastand accessori stand fiera

Choose the most suitable coating for your Omni exhibition stand

Recommended coatings

Below are the types of material available to cover the system, available both printed with customized graphics,

are neutral of various colors.

A. PVC sheet

The material most used for the Omni system, as it has an excellent quality-price ratio. Vertical tensioning is perfect and elastic, giving the stand a perfect panel effect without creases and crepes. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish it from a panel with a rigid thickness from just a few meters. The solvent printing technology makes the colors perfect and very bright and the buttonhole packaging is made by heat-sealing, resulting eternal and above all without creases. On request, double-sided printing is also possible.

B. CANVAS sheet



Find out where an Omni Fastand solution can be successfully set up

Organize congresses and meetings

Starting today, organizing a fair using the Omni modular system becomes simple. You can organize spaces of different sizes, insert neutral white or gray walls, or allow each exhibitor to customize his space for his own communication.

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Divide a space

Divide the Departments, create paths within the company, hide or decorate a particular process, these are some examples in which Omni has been successfully used . So not only fair, but also stable set up ..

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As signage and back-window

We have the possibility to create the Omni series tailored to your needs. Do you need to report a context? Or communicate in large format the direction that users should take? Or simply communicate a product or service in a busy environment?

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An original accessory, it simplifies the layout and makes you unique

Light up the stand

Fastand accessori stand fiera

The system adopts the Led spotlight produced by Fastand with universal attachment for all the exhibition systems in our production range. The Led headlight is adjustable by 90 °. It goes intact from 90 ° to illuminate the wall graphics to 180 ° to illuminate the space inside the stand.

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Display on a shelf

Fastand accessori stand fiera

It is possible to store the Omni system easily, thanks to the shelf and the rapid insertion support. The shelf is made of bi-laminate multilayer in white edged, light and very resistant. Shelves available in 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm

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Floor for stands

Fastand accessori stand fiera

Below the fastand range of the types of flooring available for your fair and event stand to be combined with the stand system of the new Omni range. Ask one of our experts who will advise you which one to adopt for your Fiesristico stand.

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Color the structure

Fastand accessori stand fiera

We have the possibility of creating the Omni series with your corporate color, both as regards the floor lamp, the base and the crosspieces, starting from a color from the range RAL or Pantone. Thanks to the high-resistance powder coating, you will have total customization.

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