Who better than you knows how to display your product on a trade fair stands?

We at Fastand go out of their way to help you in the composition of your modular fair stands. We create 3D drawings, we insert the graphics so that you can preview the visual impact of your modular stands.

We advise you and help you choose the portable stands for events thanks to our experience in the trade fair sector for over twenty years.

The first questions to answer are:

How do you transport it? Car, van, truck.

Who assembles it? Hostess, company warehouse worker, external staff.

How long do you have to assemble the stand? One day, half a day or a few hours

3 models for all the needs of fair stands

OMNI: Modular stands

The modular stand Omni is made of aluminum, with steel bases and PVC coating, discover the whole range and accessories of Omni stands that thanks to its versatility you can take advantage of it both over time.

Certainly the easiest to manage and quick to install, it has recently been retouched from a design point of view; with important aesthetic retouches such as the white support base and the plume of the same color has been in production for about 8 years and is still the starting point when you start thinking about a portable stand for event.

Even from an economic point of view it is very attractive and not demanding.

modular stands
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QUADRA MONO: fair stands

The fair stands Quadra Mono are made of aluminum, with steel bases and a 10 mm sandwich panel covering, discover the whole range and accessories of the Quadra Mono fair stand that thanks to its versatility you can use it in all possible sizes. You will be able to build a 2, 2.5 and 3 meter high stand, with rigid paneling and quick button fixing. Modularity by the linear meter is simple and intuitive and interchanging the graphics is fast.

fair stands
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QUADRA KUBE: portable stands for events

The portable stands for events QuadraKube are made of aluminum, 10 mm sandwich panel covering; discover the whole range and accessories of QuadraKube fair stands. You choose the modularity of this portable system. You will be able to create niches, shelves, or self-supporting walls easily and intuitively. The finishes are level and design, the modularity is total both vertically and horizontally. Test yourself and find out how much fun it is to make stands with this system.

portable stands for events
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