Modular set up with Quadra Mono solution

Modular 4×4 trade fair set up with panel covering

Set-up made for a German company, completely modular and easily modular. As shown in the photos, the panels are not only used to separate and divide the stand, they are also used as product displays.

Made in Turin, Italy

Preparation of the “vision test” box inside a shopping center

Thanks to the modularity of the panels, it was easy to create a self-supporting room inside a lane of a shopping center.

Made in Brescia, Italy

Office box in the exhibition layout

Self-supporting and with access to the compartment via door, this modular system is closed on 4 sides, resulting impactful and completely graphic

Made in Milan, Italy

Modular and modular stand

The layout in the picture represents a small space, but well furnished and very bright. The modular layout has made this exhibition portable which can be set up in different spaces depending on the size to be occupied.

Made in Bologna, Italy

Modular preparation for medical congress

1×3 meter cladding panels, to obtain maximum communication of the walls, without joints and exposed hardware. So with this modularity the stand set up is sober and clean, as is customary in this product sector.

Made in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Shoe shop set up

Fastand’s Quadra Mono solution can be used not only for fair use but also for permanent use in the shop environment. In this set up you can see the display shelves, and the plexiglass coating to allow a careful back-lighting of the walls.

Made in Florence, Italy

Exhibition set-up in Germany

Stand Daystate, historic English brand in the field of sport hunting. Modular layout in Quadra Mono with paneling of various sizes and measures to increase the spatial effect of the wall.

Made in Nuremberg, Germany

Stand set up with integrated display

Display on the wall to contain space and increase the walkable size of the set-up. A quick and easy way to deal with the project of a portable and self-managed exhibition stand.

Made in Koln, Germany

Stand construction for the medical sector

Medium-sized classic modular exhibition stand with a centered body and various display cases on the perimeter to better focus the user’s attitude on a single product.

Made in Bologna, Italy

Fair stand with modular and adjustable display

A particularity of this modular set-up is in fact the possibility of being also adjustable at will in order to better occupy the spaces occupied from time to time at the fair.

Made in Dusserdorf, Germany

Fair for Pavan Spa

The characteristic of this modular set-up is the combination of different types of materials such as wall cladding: in fact, plexiglass has been combined with panels with graphic customization, creating scenic effects as per the indications given by the customer.

Made in Milan, Italy

Preparation for the Turin book fair

Stand made in two blocks: the first to form a central body with a door that acts as a warehouse and a graphic reference to the stand because it is very high (4 meters) and the second is an exhibition + warehouse + 100 cm backdrop in front and H 250 cm.

Practically thanks to this single module it was possible to have all the customer’s problems with just one piece. In fact, we would like to remind you that Fastand, being a manufacturer of modular systems and fittings, is also able to create bespoke pieces.

Made in Turin, Italy

Modular back wall

Exhibition stand wall made of 100×100 cm modules in 10 mm sanwdich panel with personalized graphic printing. Stand height of 300 cm, self-supporting and set up independently directly by the customer.

Made in Bologna, Italy