Like a beat of wings, the time factor for Fastand

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It is a misunderstanding after all. It is a misconception to believe that things last a long time. Much in relation to the time we spend to live them. It is an act of respect and mutual understanding, considering the perceptual condition or behavioral experience relatively . Or to realize how architecture in its different spatial and temporal forms , being par excellence a four-dimensional (impure, but always an art) art, allows you to share the rhythm, the acceleration, static, fugue . As in a stream of sounds, the shapes , the colors , the materials appear, sometimes magically also the rules and the meanings (but it is rare, very rare!) because it is one of the primary functions of architecture that is activated: that of making the question of why our being appear almost to materialize it < em> here and now , while we would like to live at another time and elsewhere (which is also an important category of space).

[…] Rosario Assunto, in 1957 in Form and destiny , reminds us that it is precisely an action of comparison that can create appearance, illusion or perhaps even the concrete emotion of a space-time dislocation. By its very nature architecture procures the action of comparison , generates the friction , exercises the gravity , imposes the collision < / em>, it helps the trigger , in short (even if you don’t want to) it represents the human condition . And the ephemeral is an integral part of this game.
Extreme category of art and therefore also of architecture opposes the permanent and durable
, which (in truth) anachronistically possess an intrinsically limited ability to expose themselves to the eternal . It could easily be admitted that ephemeral is certain (very certain) while lasting eternal are not only improbable but impossible.

So is everything ephemeral ? It is just as senseless reasoning as believing that everything can last for eternity. Intermediate grades are welcome and make many technical and technological adventures possible . By compensating for self-destructive tendencies, mathematically acceptable absolute values ​​ are created and the place is populated with materials that gradually share the pleasure of a moment of life and the ambition to be immortal (for example in non-biodegradability and millennial decay) .

Otherwise it is interesting to expose the attention on the analogy with the illusion and the wonder that the ephemeral has always generated. Precisely because of the evanescence of the phenomenon, it is clear that everything that brings pleasure (and beauty) has little to last. To remain incessantly immersed in the aesthetic enjoyment would be equivalent (according to Dante’s law of retaliation) than to be directed by Minos to one of the infernal circles where the immersion is just as indecent and unbearable.

Here, therefore, the ephemeral allows the wayfinding in the maremagnum of the banal and the vulgar, contaminating itself, alas, also sometimes due to excess of uselessness. Yes, because then the tile or brick falls here! On the purpose, the function, the need for the ephemeral role . It is rare, in fact, that the ephemeral is associated with the indispensable . As with many perfumes, evanescence reigns supreme. In architecture, all comparison actions that trigger synaesthetic perceptions or relationships are particularly effective . They are sensory intersections that can act on the visual (using both natural and artificial light) and on the extravisual (operating on the dematerializing surface, on haptic interactions, more rarely olfactory and with the interference or better yet the enhancement of the sound power of materials).

Even if the synonyms of ephemeral lead to induce an intrinsic negativity (fragile, fleeting, labile, passing, precarious, temporary, transitory, vain) the positivity of power remains undeniably evident of displacement, which, in the story with which life unfolds, and by analogy the architectural project, manages to highlight the understanding of the fact that life needs to be lived (wonderfully).

“The instant is uninhabitable like the future” wrote Octavio Paz, but given that the butterfly does not count the years but the instants its short time is enough.

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Each of our architecture is born from the time factor

Now let’s ask ourselves how this idea of ​​time as a decisive factor for the construction of an ephemeral and do-it-yourself architecture is the first variable we have to face when we start thinking about a Fastand.

We can design grandiose and magnificent shapes and then understand how the time factor lowers and greatly expectations of our space to be set up. Our construction systems are designed from the outset to simplify and speed up construction. Discover our systems HERE