Give light to your event, choose a lighthouse from the fastand range


18 W low voltage led spotlight, ideal for all types of exhibition stands.

Adjustable and tilting, with a pure design, black, it mounts a natural light lamp.

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Refined and elegant, ideal for conventions, meetings, exhibitions, small stands and presentations.

Adjustable and easy to position on the entire Fastand range of walls, door-panel and roll-up

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Our mission? Create simple objects for everyone

Also in this section we dedicate attention and effort, to create lighting objects that are easy to use and install.

The lighting of your stand is important and you need to give importance and attention to this chapter. Of course, lighting is always a delicate chapter and if made with unsuitable equipment it can also become dangerous, which is why all our lighting fixtures for exhibition stands are certified by a professional who checks their effectiveness one by one. security.

Creating and producing a led lighthouse for lighting is easy but making it suitable for everyone is difficult. Our headlights in fact, in addition to the certifications are designed with very easy and intuitive hooking systems, they can adapt to all situations from time to time when the need arises.

All the lighting fixtures in this section are made of LEDs, they are modern, compact and effective.