Our quality

If you demand quality, as in your products, you are in the right place

The continuous reference to qualities such as lightness , ease of assembly , ductility by Fastand must not make you think of an unstable and flaky product.

The use of certain materials and in certain ways hides behind them a careful and tiring study, a research carried out for years, full of disappointments and then of conquests. Fastand is the son of these labors: every detail has a sense and a reason and contributes to making it the leader in its sector. That’s why aluminum profiles have a thickness 1.5 mm and not 1 as it is usually used in the industrial sector, that’s why the joints are in chromed brass, that’s why we use nylon for some details, a practically indestructible material. Fastand, which proposes itself as the newbie: original, light, simple and in a suitcase, is actually the antagonist of the disposable philosophy.

One of our walls covered with PVC graphics is guaranteed for three years even outdoors and subjected to any type of weathering.

Coupon your Fastand!

Near an event where Fastand is fundamental and you are an old customer of ours; in short, when your Fastand has already chaired several events, to be sure of its efficiency, you can request a coupon, a kind of careful review of each of its constituent details. We will review your item completely, replace the worn or damaged parts, so that Fastand continues to accompany your image wherever you wish to take it.