The montage

Only with your own hands, create your situation

Easy transport … easy stand assembly

Fastand products are designed and packaged to be easily assembled without any tools

The simplicity of assembling a stand

The starting point and the fundamental premise of each Fastand product is the simplicity of setting up a stand. Only with the strength of your hands can you make a stand, a showcase, a desk, a wall, an exhibitor. With Fastand you can finally forget the common work tools and the problems that often arise from their use. From today hammers, screws, bolts, nails, screwdrivers … you can easily forget them at home, because with fastand your hands will be enough.

All the assembly mechanisms of our structures take place under pressure. With Fastand you are simply confident.

The contents of the bag

Each bag contains ALL the necessary for the assembly of our products. Fastand is the first and true stand in the suitcase. Inside the bag, ordered in compartments or in additional bags you will find the profiles, grouped by length and size, the joints, the rolled graphics, an assembly scheme to make the already elementary procedure even easier and the quality control, safety more.

When our suitcase arrives at you it will be complete: no constituent element of Fastand is large or bulky to the point that it cannot be contained in our bag. With Fastand all you need is a hand and your creativity.

The assembly of the stand

Each Fastand structure can be assembled in a few minutes and with extreme ease. We are sure that anyone who is able to mount a gazebo or a camping tent … well, the assembly process of these articles is similar in immediacy to that of Fastand, with the substantial difference that our top product marries the lightness materials with solidity and ease of assembly with durability. From the first time you open a Fastand suitcase, the process will seem extremely simple. Just think that even a beginner, referring to the assembly scheme, is able to mount a 4×2 m wall in six minutes.

Fastand also follows you step by step. Inside the bag you will find a mounting scheme. Each profile is characterized by a colored band that will allow you to place it easily by referring to the graphic design that the scheme offers.

Editing the graphics

The graphics, which we are able to print on various materials thanks to the help of sophisticated digital printers, will be rolled up and inserted into the bag. Mounting the graphics on the structure is simple. You can finally forget the glues, the magnets and the infinite battles to match the bands that bring your image to the millimeter.

Thanks to the retractable elastic tie rod system, your communication item will have an unmistakable aesthetic impact: no more wrinkles or creases!


Although we are firmly convinced that Fastand is a great idea and a practically perfect product, we are aware that doubts or doubts can often arise in the customer. Our intent is to follow you step by step, to never leave you alone. This is why Fastand puts at your disposal, after the purchase, a real TUTOR, a person who can solve all your problems. Inside the bag you will find a coupon marked with a number. By calling Fastand you can therefore speak directly with the person who packed the goods destined for you, and who can guide you and advise you step by step in any eventuality.

Case for mounting hardware

Scattered screws in the suitcase? Never again with Fastand. Everything has a place and all the elements are well ordered in the suitcase. Starting from the hardware as screws and keys, so as to safeguard the delicate surfaces that make up the stand.

Assembly scheme applied to the suitcase

Siete ancora abituati ai foglietti volanti con
the assembly diagram?

In Fastand we wanted to do more. The scheme is applied to the suitcase so as not to lose it and be comfortable when assembling the stand.

Your hands can create beautiful things

Fast, everyone can do it

Small or large, high or low; you can assemble our stands too. We guarantee it. Just easy and intuitive. Beautiful and design.

Easy. All interlocking

Easy assembly because each product is made up of pre-assembled pieces. It is therefore only a question of the relationship between the size of the stand and time. Difficulty always low.