Sporting events


Sporting events Fastand products are used in sporting events. Here is an example Italian fencing championships, Fastand aluminum barriers with steel base

Sporting events2021-05-02T11:18:33+02:00

Onlus hostess desk


The promotional hostess banquet table is the most loved promotional desk by non-profit organizations. It is an easy to open and transport

Onlus hostess desk2020-12-18T15:24:39+01:00

+ style, + design


We publish these images sent by this customer of ours who used some Fastand products to increase the design for his own

+ style, + design2020-12-04T13:03:01+01:00

Fair or meeting?


The fair as a meeting? See for yourself what audience a meeting can attract. You organize it and we are the technical

Fair or meeting?2020-07-30T13:22:03+02:00

Protection devices


Safety protection devices. Given the global situation, we have thought of creating safety devices for pharmacies, shops and points of sale such

Protection devices2020-03-18T11:29:15+01:00
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