backdrop for videoconferencing


A Fastand style videoconferencing backdrop. We have created this "not virtual" but physical stand, for videoconferences, video calls and videos for you-tube,

backdrop for videoconferencing2021-04-19T10:21:29+02:00

dealer preparation


Car dealership setup. Setting up your car dealership easily has never been easier. In fact, we offer many products suitable for branding

dealer preparation2021-03-22T10:57:16+01:00

Openable display


Accordion opening display is a product idea created ad hoc by the Fastand team for Kayland, a leading manufacturer of sports footwear

Openable display2020-09-01T12:20:52+02:00

Adjustable shelf display


The adjustable shelf display allows you to combine the practical aspects of the shelves with the aesthetic aspects of a wall. Yes,

Adjustable shelf display2020-07-30T13:53:18+02:00
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