The future of trade fairs


The future of trade fairs, post-pandemic. Will fairs become events? We asked ourselves if the fair could become an event. The exhibition

The future of trade fairs2021-05-02T10:55:57+02:00

Adjustable shelf display


The adjustable shelf display allows you to combine the practical aspects of the shelves with the aesthetic aspects of a wall. Yes,

Adjustable shelf display2020-07-30T13:53:18+02:00

Congress in Miami


Will the fair become a congress? An entire exhibition was set up with our portable products. We are proud of the final

Congress in Miami2020-07-30T12:40:03+02:00

A 5 meter signage totem


Totem graphic display tower for trade fairs, completely graphic and self-supporting. Easy to set up and transport, also equipped with a lower

A 5 meter signage totem2018-12-20T16:37:17+01:00

IWA exhibition stand project


Who said that a design stand with a strong visual impact cannot also be modular, easily transportable and do it yourself?

IWA exhibition stand project2021-07-27T09:39:23+02:00

Organizing a meeting is easy


Meeting with suppliers? Meetings between customers-suppliers? Organize it yourself. Organizing a meeting is feasible with little, little and little waste of energy.

Organizing a meeting is easy2018-11-20T12:48:11+01:00

Bright stand


A bright stand for your company? Easy with Fastand.

Bright stand2018-11-20T12:46:09+01:00
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