A Fastand style videoconferencing backdrop.
We have created this “not virtual” but physical stand, for videoconferences, video calls and videos for you-tube, meet and zoom.
The idea was to create a real stand where the customer could show the news to the sales network, through video calls or by recording real videos for the you-tube channel.
The videoconference backdrop, essential and made with rigid panels, exploits the peculiar characteristics of Fastand’s know-how.

Quick to set up, possibility of disassembly and stowage in small spaces.

Certainly we cannot define it as a stand in a suitcase, due to the volume of the background panels that have large dimensions, but certainly an impactful and high quality backdrop.
Having a software for quality video calls is absolutely important and today it represents a must that every company should have, to be always ready at any time to make a call for technical explanations or introductions to new product categories.

Even when we return to trade fairs and events, it will still be important to have a space dedicated to online video calls, because technology reduces connection times between people and this mode will also remain strong and essential.

By creating a tailor-made project for this type of product, Fastand is able to optimize space and create a completely customized corner for your company.
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