Branding a camper for a traveling tour, this is the challenge of our designers for Sparco.
A camper used as a mobile shop for a traveling tour in Europe to closely follow car rallies.
Bringing the brand through an itinerant journey made up of stages is a hard and demanding thing.
Especially if you do not have the means and the right knowledge, it could really become difficult and complicated to make a traveling tour in a Camper. This is why we also wanted to have our say in this sector and effectively helped our client.

The clearly branded materials had to be quick to set up, and above all compact in the suitcase for transport between the various rally stages.
In fact, they had to be positioned inside the camper and could not be large.
We have therefore created a series of articles and accessories to exhibit gloves, suits, helmets and all the Sparco accessories that revolve around the world of rallying and cars.
The accessories also had to have the characteristic of being quick to assemble and with very few screws.
We are proud to have participated in this project and we are aware that once again we have created solutions in a suitcase with a unique style and truly performing characteristics.
Reception counters, mobile barriers, display cabinets, display stands, all fully branded materials and tailor-made for this world-class brand for its traveling tour in Camper.

We create any type of material for traveling events and tours, even tailored to your expectations and ideas; ask us how and together we will carry out your project. Whether it’s a mobile tour, a traveling convention, a congress in various cities, Fastand can be at your side to develop the right mix of solutions.