Traveling stand:

In this article we have published a photo gallery of the new A2a stand on a traveling tour in shopping centers.
As usual, a clean, sober and elegant stand, characterized by the predominance of white and the glossy finish effect of its surfaces. Seen from the outside with the eye of the passer-by it really looks like a normal mall stand, instead it is a Fastand. So each element fits together with another.

It all seems simple, in fact there are no screws or bolts. It looks like a piece of furniture! But, how does it stand, how was it built? What materials is this traveling stand made of? How does it manage to be assembled without seeing any type of hook?

Fastand’s technique, in the construction of high quality traveling stands, using quality and innovative materials, has allowed us to create this traveling stand.
Everything looks quite normal, if not for the glossy finish: floor, perimeter and slide edging, reception counters, poster-holder totems in compartment. Simple.

The heart, however, is Fastand and therefore portable, like the whole range of our products. YES, this whole stand can be assembled and disassembled without even a screwdriver or a hammer. Only with your hands and requires a very low level of dexterity. In fact, everyone can mount it and put it together.
For the whole range of our traveling stands, we keep the construction philosophy of our elements intact: easy, portable and for everyone.
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