Can the shopping center become a Fair with a mobile stand?

We asked ourselves this question to understand if and how the shopping center could represent a new ambitious goal: to become a fair.

Certainly from many points of view it is a suitable place and which easily lends itself to being identified as the main alternative to exhibition centers. It is easily accessible by users, it is a free place and a large container of products and ideas.

It is also a place of high traffic and high turnout by many people, but to its detriment is that it is also always frequented by the same people and by a fairly closed catchment area.

So we know perfectly well that a shopping center has its own periodic number of accesses and that without the intervention of exceptional events such as a copy-signature of a famous singer, it does not have significant changes in numbers. Another penalty of a shopping center is the great variety of products on display and this always risks making the service or product I want to propose disappear.

The great advantage remains the fact that there are really many shopping centers and they cover the entire users in the area. Therefore, if equipped with mobile, fast and impactful stands and organized with a logistic structure, the shopping center can represent a new way of doing a fair .

In fact, making a fair in a shopping center is only possible with mobile stands , quick to assemble and compact for transport.

However, it is important to give the mobile stand a unique and strong visual impact customized in both colors and shape. To excel in such a place and to be seen and considered is not easy; for this reason we suggest you to have a unique mobile stand characterized by the design that represents you.

Only in this way will users notice the brand and it will be possible to work in an interesting way. Stand for shopping centers.