Car dealership setup.

Setting up your car dealership easily has never been easier. In fact, we offer many products suitable for branding the point of sale, creating captivating and unique display areas. Communicating at the point of sale becomes increasingly necessary and important, as it directs an advertising message and directs the user to the correct section.

We strongly believe that Fastand can help you in all the daily aspects of setting up a car dealership point of sale. Where you least expect it here is a Fastand portable display, why are we unique on the market? Because our materials and displays can be easily moved, disassembled and transported, they can be fixed in one place but also used for traveling road-shows (because they are equipped with a suitcase), they are cheap and beautiful to look at, with a strong visual and emotional impact. . Before buying a communication product, always think about what second life could be useful to you so as to reduce the economic impact and always have materials for demos.

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Two of our products, Vento and Mito, are clearly visible in the photographs. Il VENTO is a graphic support for plastic shapes with graphic printing, it swings with a minimum of wind movement and creates a beautiful and fun viewing point. Il MITO it is a solid steel panel-holder base, which has the characteristic of unloading all the weight on the front and therefore keeping a panel perfectly straight at 90 ° from the floor.