mobile clinic for vaccines created to create protected and closed places where to carry out outpatient operations, to protect the patient during the anti-covid vaccination.

Made with the OMNI system , here the product page  

They are made of aluminum, all interlocking and are covered with printed sheets. They can be oriented and set up at will, creating an elegant and clean finish, without frills. 100% functional and simple. They can change in size and shape, and over time they can have a second life compared to the current mobile clinic for vaccines; maybe they can become changing rooms for sports competitions or voting booths or why not storage places for material during demonstrations or events.

The dividing walls, to protect the patient and create privacy during vaccination, are hooked together and as you can see from the photograph, they are trense and perfect in every part. A real mobile clinic. The mobile clinics made are 300×300 cm and 220 cm high.

They communicate a sense of territoriality with large and well-defined images, making the space serious (as it should be) but also familiar and welcoming.

Here is a perfect example of being able to use fastnad ideas and solutions even in the non-trade fair environment, but precisely for covid vaccinations, currently present throughout Europe. Easy to set up, movable in other environments, but also expandable and just to complete the whole even graphically and aesthetically beautiful.