The promotional hostess banquet table is the most loved promotional desk by non-profit organizations. It is an easy to open and transport banquet made by Fastand and completely customized for the customer’s needs.

It is easy to assemble, in a few steps, it is very light and very resistant because it is made with the innovative material Fastflex.

The hostess desk is durable and can be set up countless times and because it has no fragile and breaking points. The hostess banquet table is equipped with a resistant nylon bag and, with handle and shoulder strap.

Great for those who need to have a table or banquet to use as an information and registration point. The European non-profit organizations use it in many cities, in shopping centers, in squares, but also in stations and in all those areas of public affluence. Who knows how many times you’ve seen it and maybe you’ve even thought about who produced it. If it’s portable it’s always a Fastand.

Ask for a customized project based on your portability needs, our staff will be close to you at every stage from design to production of the desired batch.

This hostess banquet is not in the catalog because it is made to measure and in batches for customers who request it.

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