Traveling sales point exhibitor. Fastand for Fila Skate.

Fastand is not just exhibition stands and portable materials for events; we also design and build itinerant displays for products to set up shops, points of sale and temporary shops.

  • The exhibitor had to be itinerant
  • It had to be transported in as small a box as possible to keep costs down.
  • Easily assembled at the point of sale by a store employee.
  • Innovative in the product suspension part and in complete safety without using metal hooks that are dangerous for users.
  • Having a design in line with the Urban and Metropolitan style of the Fila Skate Brand.

The idea of ​​these traveling exhibitors and the design are the result of our continuous development in the materials used and in the metallic and plastic solutions that allow a quick connection of the elements that make up the finished product.

Everything is easy and immediate for the user, but behind it hides a meticulous and precise work of all the pieces that must fit together and align perfectly. A job that exalts us and makes us unique on the market; unique in lines, shapes and ideas.

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