Accordion opening display
is a product idea created ad hoc by the Fastand team for Kayland, a leading manufacturer of sports footwear for the world of trekking.

The customer’s needs were to have a kit consisting of an opening display and some graphic sails supplied to the commercial network.

Everything had to be fast, to set up, impactful and practical to transport.

Fastand’s idea was to structure the accordion system to create this line of opening displays. In aluminum to last over time and withstand various set-ups.

It is used in the customer presentation phase when choosing the collections to be exhibited in the points of sale. Easily opened and assembled, it does not require tools and screws but simply opens like an accordion. The openable display is then accompanied by
Fastand roll-ups
that communicate the brand and the communication guidelines.

All in a suitcase and suitable for anyone.

This accordion opening display is not in the catalog but is made with dimensions tailored to the customer’s needs. Why can Fastand create a line of portable displays completely customized in shapes and colors? Easy, because we are manufacturers and our products are not found on other websites, so contact us to get an idea of ​​the cost of your kit in your case.