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How many prejudices to overcome are there still in the world of work when it comes to disability? Laws certainly help, even in our country, but there is a cultural problem that cannot be underestimated and on which there is still a lot to do, despite some positive signs.

In Italy there are about 4,360,000 people with disabilities, equal to 7.2% of the population, and according to some studies they will reach 6.7 million in 2040. Among people with disabilities, only 16% work (about 300,000 people) . And the children who leave school and do not find a job are 80%.

Promoted by JobmetooValue People e Cesop HR Consulting Company, in collaborazione con l’Università Cattolica e Linkmetoo, il “Diversity Day”of last June 5 focused on how to promote the enhancement of people with disabilities and the importance of their training in approaching the world of work, providing information on the tools available to companies in compliance with law 68/99.

The Catholic University is particularly attentive to inclusion processes, as evidenced by the ‘Disabled Service’ active since 2001 which from its inception to today has managed to take care of almost 1,400 students every year (out of the 14,649 present on the national territory, 10.2 students per thousand), and the “Disability Manager” advanced training course, the first course in Italy activated since 2006 in Cattolica which provides the skills necessary for a correct job placement of people with disabilities and which allows the validation of the skills of expert in the management of these human resources.

The day kicked off with a round table attended by Luigi D’Alonzo , rector’s delegate for the integration of students with disabilities and SLD, Catholic University, Daniele Regolo , founder of Jobmetoo, Silvia Stefanovichj , responsible for Disability and National CISL Work Life Balance, Joshua Paveri , Sales & amp; Marketing Jobmetoo, Luca Guazzabocca Right HubSimona Torre, segretaria Fondazione Italiana AccentureFranco Lisi, direttore Fondazione Istituto Ciechi MilanoRiccardo Taverna, direttore Economia Civile & Sostenibilità Aida Partners.

The debate photographed a scenario of light and shadow. On the one hand, in fact, we are a country that has had the courage to write advanced laws, recalls D’Alonzo, on the other hand we still need to affirm the value of the dignity of the person: “disability at work” is often only in the eyes of others. In essence, we cannot conceive of a company hiring a disabled person only to respect the quotas, but because this brings value.

New ideas and scalable innovative initiatives are needed to improve inclusion, such as those awarded by the Accenture Foundation, and technology in this sense represents a strong asset.

The comparison revealed how disability is not so much a condition but a dynamic concept, only one dimension among the many that belong to the person. Companies must be at the forefront to ensure their safety in the first place, trying to understand that hiring workers with disabilities is certainly an opportunity to hire new talents.

Two workshops followed. The first, entitled “Disability Manager and insertion into the world of work”, involved Professor Adriano Pessina , scientific director of the
Advanced Training Course in Disability Manager and the world of work
Università Cattolica, Dr. Consuelo Battisteri , Disability Manager, Diversity Engagement Partner IBM Italia, Domenico Bodega , dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Catholic University. The second, entitled “The disabled student’s career orientation: the process and role of the family and the University”, compared Francesco Maria Cusaro , HR Group Director TXT E-Solutions, Dr. Debora Ranza , Stage & amp; Placement Catholic University, dr. Fabrizio Cappelletti , coordinator of Services for the integration of students with disabilities and with SLD at the Catholic University.

The stands in the university’s courtyard welcomed the requests for information and the curricula of the participants, creating opportunities for dialogue and discussion.

What do we all wish each other? That events like this in the next few years will no longer make sense and that we will simply talk about Career Day