mall stand

Made to measure for the energy market, Gelsia stands are completely modular and modular in all their parts. They can be assembled and reassembled several times, with a clean design and bright and vivid colors to represent the character of the offers to the customer.

Here are some features of Fastand’s mall stand.

bright counter model Maximus,
warehouse with door and lock, 2 cm raised platform floor and perimeter edging with painted metal slide, central sail for lighting, additional support bench for printer, video monitor on the wall.

Our stands for shopping centers reflect all the characteristics that our customers require. Visual impact, colors and graphic communication. But on one thing we are uncompromising and unique: portability. Above all because we believe that even the shopping center, like other “non-places”, represent the future of the trade fair.

This mall stand is not in your suitcase and it wasn’t meant to be. But it had to be easily transported by van, light enough and certainly easy to set up.

It also had to be reused in various shopping centers with a sort of traveling tour, in order to cover a specific territory.

See the section on bespoke stands qui and find out how Fastand creates ideas to create unique and particularly identifying products