Safety protection devices.

Given the global situation, we have thought of creating safety devices for pharmacies, shops and points of sale such as: path markers, path delimiters, plexiglass protections, transparent separator panels, people spacers.

“Federfarma continues to work to keep colleagues as safe as possible from Covid-19 contagion. The President Marco Cossolo spoke on the subject in yesterday’s edition of Tg5 at 1pm.” The problem the safety of the operators in the pharmacy is concrete because there are no masks. In the meantime, we invited colleagues to set up plexiglass barriers on the counter. We also asked the authorities to be able to do the service with closed doors, on a voluntary basis, after prior authorization from the competent authorities where the legal conditions cannot be guaranteed “.

In addition to toll-free numbers for home delivery of drugs, Federfarma is also active in the distribution of masks. “We are working with Cittadinanzattiva, of which I thank the secretary Antonio Gaudioso , to find the first batch of masks to be made available free of charge to all colleagues”, explained Cossolo to Federfarma Channel.

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For info on products dedicated to the safety of the point of sale, plexiglass protections, anti-breath, path delimiters, separators for pharmacies, step markers, people spacers and safety communication elements visit the Coronavirus section- Covid 19 qui