Who said that a design stand with a strong visual impact cannot also be modular, easily transportable and do it yourself?

In the photo an example of a stand project made in Germany for a Brescia-based company at the IWA fair

The stand project is innovative and design: it wanted to attract attention by using linear and sober elements that also act as lighting for the exposed product. These fin-shaped elements rise upwards and have been designed to be fixed to each other creating a circular shape as if to protect the stand and consequently the displayed product. The project foresees that in the course of time the fair space should change, the fins could also be fixed in the shape of them or other shapes, without changing any available element.

Plexiglass elements have been designed between the fins of the stand that have 2 purposes:

  1. hook the fins together and make them stand up, giving them a sequence
  2. support the product, which in this case are sporting hunting weapons

Fastand always tries to combine easy portability with the assembly of the elements, combined with an innovative design.

Do you want some advice on the design of your stand?

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have custom graphics and designfor your trade fair stand can lead to extraordinary results.

Do not hesitate to bring to the stand new and creative ideas with a strong design impact, that can therefore amaze and amaze visitors to the fair. 


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 IWA exhibition stand project