Portable, easy and suitcase exhibition stands.

For 20 years we have loved our work that every day pushes us to innovate and seek increasingly avant-garde solutions in the sector of fittings for events and fairs.

Fastand offers a high-quality exhibition stand, light and easily transportable through the special suitcases. By choosing our modular stands you can use the portable stand in different events and situations, optimally adapting your communication to the exhibition space available. The Fastand modular stands are suitable for all companies that want to set up an event or fair in an easy way but with lots of design.

Our aim is to think of increasingly lighter, versatile, easy and fast solutions, capable of combining design with portability and allowing anyone to create and present themselves in the best way in complete autonomy.

 Stand for fairs and events

New 2020 catalogs

The new catalogs are available in the Pdf version. You will be able to find your portable stand and trade fair systems that allow you to create your trade show stand in complete autonomy. Download the Pdf version of the currently updated catalog from the web

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Fastflex -  Fastand exclusive

Rigid suitcases

Revolutions arise from details and ideas. In Fastand we have also revolutionized the transport system of our portable stands and accessories: enough with the soft bag and pieces thrown in bulk; from today the suitcase becomes rigid and protective.

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 Stand for fairs and events

Covid Protections

In this period, we wanted to develop a catalog of articles dedicated to the protection of work environments and commercial spaces. The section is constantly evolving and follows the government directives of many European states.

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Stop bacterial proliferation with Antimicrobial

The concern arising from the possible spread of bacterial infections and the aggressiveness and resistance shown by certain bacteria, is determining an increasingly widespread and differentiated demand for equipped work and meeting environments of equipment, machinery and furniture safe and protected from possible bacterial proliferation. And why not in our sector? Right here, at the fair, on the portable stand you need a quick sanitization of the surfaces: before, during and after the event.

It is a powder paint formulated using an inorganic antibacterial agent, with silver ions with a broad spectrum of activity.
The choice of this agent (whose antibacterial activity has been known since ancient times) stems from:
– results of the most advanced studies and research;
– confirmed and absolute harmlessness to human health;
– lack of scientific evidence of bacteria that have improved their resistance to this type of biocide over time;
– the very low environmental impact; it is in fact an agent that does not migrate, does not transfer from the object by contact and does not disperse into the environment

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Our portable exhibition stands

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stand portable

Omni sectional stand

The easy, fast and intuitive stand, with fabric covering. Discover the top of versatility with a small price

stand portable

Modular stand Quadra Mono

The modular and modular trade fair stand, covered with rigid panels, ideal for all fairs

stand portable

Modular portable stand Quadra Kube

The fair stand par excellence; modular and with many accessories, with a unique style.

Our reception desks, counters workstation

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desk portable

Modular reception for fair

Professional, equipped with a removable drawer, cable gland and interchangeable graphics

reception portable

Bright reception desk

Reception desk with internal LED lighting, modular and innovative

counter portable

Super light hostess counter

Quick to assemble, light, compact, excellent for hit and run events.

Practical portable walls

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walls portable

Cloth or fabric backdrops

Quick and fast, ideal for meetings and conferences

backdroope portable

Modular graphic structures

Maximum customization thanks to all the available accessories

roll-up portable

Rolling walls

Set up in seconds and with a perfect visual impact

Unique and inimitable portable displays

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roll-up stand

Roll-up and awning display

Spring roller shutters, fixed and tensioners, all to support a graphic fabric

display support poster

Poster holder display

Solutions to support a poster with style and design

panel-holder display

Door-panel displays

Simple solutions to support a graphic panel

Exhibitors to enhance your products

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portable stand case

Display cases and display cases

Closed spaces in plexiglass, to enhance the product on display and make it more and more beautiful

portable stand table

Counter displays

Different shapes and different heights to be combined together to create unique display areas

stand portable

Panel displays

Curvilinear, linear, to be accessorised as you wish, they are transformed to be always at your step

Portable stand accessories

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Fastflex -  Fastand exclusive

Supports for tablets

Universal floor stands, in various colors, modular and easy to carry

TV stand portable

Universal video media

Different shapes and different heights to combine with each other to create unique video areas

depliants stand portable

Brochure holder

Curvilinear, linear, to be accessorised as you wish, they are transformed to be always at your step

High quality Italian design

stand portable

Easy / Portable / Design / in Suitcase

The original portable stand in a suitcase. As always in our DNA there is the desire to overcome the limits and offer innovative and creative products. We have indeed chosen these products to represent our idea of ​​new and portable design. We think that portable design is at a turning point and we want to make our contribution in this sense, building high-style solutions with a “Made in Italy” taste, exploiting all our know-how deriving from decades of culture and work in the sector. < / p>

The products in this catalog contain modern lines, indispensable accessories, easy solutions and brilliant ideas. The collection includes desks, backdrops and walls, systems for trade fair stands, brochure holders, sails and roll-ups, displays and displays.

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FastFlex *

Designed by the Fastand research center

The Fastand research and development center has created a new exclusive material that combines the flexibility of the shape, the rigidity and capacity of the product, resulting in a high static vertical load capacity and a total absence of vibration during use.

With Fastflex * it is possible to create soft shapes, perfect curves printable and fully customizable with your own graphics.

Fastflex * is always used in tandem with Aero * for a quick and easy attachment to the structure.

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